Here’s what you can get free after rebate <Prices good through 3/23/13>:

  • (2) All Purpose Paint Brushes, 3″ or 2″ (paint department in the paint brush aisle)

    *You pay $5.29/brush and get $5.29 back in a rebate.

  • (4) Sets of Hobby & Art Paint Brushes (paint department with misc. painting supplies)

    *You pay $2.98/package and get $2.98/package back in a rebate.

  • (4) Standard Duty Tarps, 6’x8′

    *You pay $1.75/tarp and get $1.75/tarp back in a rebate.

  • (4) 60″ Extension Poles

    *You pay $3/pole and get $3/pole back in a rebate.

  • (6) 9″ Deepwell Trail Liners (paint department)

    *You pay $1.49/liner and get $1.49/liner back in a rebate.

  • (4) Flea Spray For Yards

    *You pay $4/bottle and get $4/bottle back in a rebate.