How to Turn In Rebates

Postage can sometimes “ruin” a rebate, however please keep in mind that MOST Menards’ rebates can be sent in together which will save you postage!

Just take a look at the address on the rebate form.  If each rebate form has the same mailing address you can fill out each rebate form, add in your rebate receipt (special rebate forms print at the bottom of your receipt), and mail them all together.  Just remember not to miss the post-mark date 🙂

Rebate forms can be found at the customer service desk and online, but must be submitted by mail.  You can check the progress of your rebates here.

Also sometimes a product goes on rebate even as much as twice a month.  IF the rebate numbers are different you can send in for the rebate again (if you’ve purchased more of the product of course).


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